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Spirit Moon│Herbal Sleep, Peace & Dream syrup Elixir

Spirit Moon│Herbal Sleep, Peace & Dream syrup Elixir

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Spirit Moon is blend of calming Plant allies to help relax our bodies, minds & spirits so that we may find peaceful sleep. Also supportive for anxiety & overall calming. This blend of beautiful Plant medicines may also help our bodies release tension, held pain, and overall find relaxation & spaciousness within our bodies.

Spirit Moon is gently relaxing our being to align with harmonious rhythms of the Sun + Moon as well as our own sleep cycles. Offering deep support as we re-align our Circadian Rhythm and receive the deep rest, sleep & rejuvenation we need during these times. Tart Cherry added to aid our bodies in natural melatonin production to bring on feelings of sleep & helping us flow into more balanced cycles.

Sleep hygiene is also vital (in ways that are accessible & doable for each of us) when working with sleep medicines ~ turning phone off after a certain time (ex. 9pm), reducing blue light exposure, not watching any screens an hour before bed, clearing space & reducing clutter in your sleeping area so that it feels welcoming + comforting + safe (of course this isn’t always possible <3), etc.

Ingredients: Valerian, California Poppy, Passionflower, Hops, Chamomile, Catnip, Organic Tart Cherry, Raw Honey, Spring Water


A suggested amount 1-3 tsp 30min to 1 hour before bed is a good starting place for most folks; listening to your practitioner and/or body as well. Some folks may need more or less depending on sensitivity. As this is a calming & sedative Medicine take care in activities requiring alertness, and please seek guidance of a professional/medicine person if you're working with any other sleep aids or mood support.

{keeping in mind there is so much to each Plant, this is just a brief overview}

CALIFORNIA POPPY: If you've been following along for a bit, you'll know how much I love California Poppy. They are probably my favourite sleep ally, and one of my fave flowers (they are the Orange one above). They often help promote physical relaxation, which sends signals to the brain - it is ok to relax. Helpful for folks who feel physical tension or pain that prevents them from sleeping. They are also helpful for little ones who struggle to fall asleep.

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is very soothing, especially when feeling irritable. They are helpful when feeling restless or agitated. Very comforting & soothing. Chamomile offers gentle support for folks who may experience stress & anxiety in their stomach; Also a lovely anti-spasmodic, offering ease for any gastrointestinal cramping, muscle spasms and menstrual cramps as well. Chamomile may also help prevent nightmares and promote peaceful calm sleep. They are lovely for helping calm the nervous system so that sleep comes easily & gently, with feelings of comfort & safety in the body. Interestingly, Chamomile also has some analgesic properties ~ helping to relieve pain held in the body to also feel more ease in our bodies as we drift to sleep.

VALERIAN: Valerian is a beautiful, and potent Plant Medicine. We work with their root in this blend. Some people find the root to have a very distinct odor, and not so palatable taste. Fair warning. I particularly enjoy the taste & fragrance, but I had a few folks taste this syrup & so far folks can't taste the Valerian too much but it is still present & may not be the best tasting depending on your palate ;) They are a beautiful ally that again, help promote overall relaxation, calming & sedation in the body + mind + spirit. Their mechanism isn't fully understood, but they seem to also act on GABA receptors, promoting relaxation & easing anxiety. They may help to ease insomnia that includes frequent night waking, whereas some Plant allies help us fall asleep, Valerian may help us stay asleep so that we feel refreshed. Some folks do note a bit of grogginess with Valerian, I personally find this usually means I'm working with them too late in the evening. Typically aim to work with them 8-9 hours before you plan to wake up (depending on your own individual sleep cycle). Valerian is also anti-spasmodic, and overall relaxant.

PASSIONFLOWER: Passionflower is a lovely & gorgeous alien looking Plant friend. They may be helpful for insomnia as well as anxiety. They are considered a sedative, anti-spasdmodic, nervine as well as anodyne (pain relieving). The type of anxiety Passionflower is helpful for is similar in some ways to Skullcap: worry, overwork, too many tasks to complete, etc. Where one’s mind just can’t stop thinking about the day, the to-do list, the future anxieties, etc. But also, they are helpful for little ones (babies & kids) who have trouble falling asleep, sometimes due to a nervous excitement and they can’t settle down. They are helpful for mental exertion as well. I notice when I am writing a lot, I have a harder time sleeping as my ‘mind’ won’t turn off. Passionflower + Skullcap help me 'turn off' and come back to my body for sleep. Due to the anti-spasmodic effects Passionflower is also wonderful for easing muscle spasms.

The antispasmodic effects can also help to relax smooth muscles such as the uterus, to help ease painful menstrual cramping. They are a wonderful ally for folks who experience painful ovulation, or painful menses as they may also help to calm the nerves in addition to relieving cramps. Some folks also experience agitation and anxiety around their menses, Passionflower may bring feelings of calm energy back to the body. They are also a gentle anodyne, or pain reliever. Most studies focus on their sleep supportive properties & affinity with potentially boosting GABA, but there is so much to their Medicine. Spiritually I find they help with expanding consciousness, and connection to the Cosmos. Supporting this journeying during dreamtime, while also remaining embodied.

HOPS: Ah, my Love of Hops goes deep. Most folks think of them mainly as a flavoring and preserving agent for beer but there is so much to their Medicine. In this blend they offer synergy with Valerian, as well as offering their own calming benefits. They are definitely a bitter medicine as well, calling us into our bodies & offering some calming through stimulating the vagus nerve. Hops also may work through GABA receptors, sedating the central nervous system, and increasing Melatonin.

CATNIP: A calming nervine herb, helping with excess worry as well as calming the nervous system. They taste yummy & soothe our Hearts, bringing joy and uplifting our Spirit. They also help with digestive upset and gas. They are also anti-spasmodic, so they may be helpful for cramping & spasms. Some folks find relief from headaches with Catnip, likely through their anti-spasmodic & calming effects.

TART CHERRY: Tart Cherries are a yummy fruit that may help reduce inflammation & oxidative stress within the body. Tart Cherry juice also has been studied for their impact on increasing circulating melatonin in the body. Melatonin helps regulate our bodies sleep:wake cycle (circadian rhythm) and helps us to feel sleepy when worked with before bed. Another proposed mechanism of Tart Cherry’s ability to help induce sleep is their anti-inflammatory effects, reducing oxidation and helping the body to regulate sleep cycles. They were added to this blend to support our natural rhythms & sync to harmonious sleep:wake cycles so that we not only have restful sleep, but also wake up with ease & ready to start our day ♥

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