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Strawberry Moon Adaptogenic Elixir

Strawberry Moon Adaptogenic Elixir

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Strawberry Moon is one of the most delicious offerings ~ a perfect blend of fresh Strawberry & Rose. 

Embodying the energy of Summer, the warmth, vitality, creative energy, inspiration, sweetness. The Heart Medicine and comfort of upcoming Leo Season. Boosting overall vitality, supporting our Hearts, cognitive function, immune system, sleep & hormone balance {cortisol, progesertone, LH, estrogen}.

This formula came together on the morning of the Strawberry Full Moon. I made a delicious Strawberry + Rose latte with fresh Wild Rose I had just harvested, and the first ripe Strawberries from the garden. It reminded me of the leftover Strawberry milk I would have as a kid {we would cut up Strawberries, add a touch of Sugar & pour Milk over, yummm}. Strawberries reminding us of that sweetness in Life, balancing with grief. Reminding us of community, coming together, finding ways to truly work with one another for creating the world we vision. Love. Of course, Rose also holding that good Heart Medicine. Soothing & protecting our Hearts. Compassion. Self love. Forgiveness.

I added Shatavari as they have been calling to support overall vitality, as well as fertility {fertility going beyond human conception & encompassing that life force, creative energy & juiciness, that inspiration to birth our dreams}. They are an adaptogenic Plant kin, meaning they may also help us navigate stress. Supporting our bodies, HPA axis, and cortisol, which itself may help to balance other hormones in the body. {*of course, each Adaptogen is unique & each body is unique, it is not one size fits all, and ensuring we have a balanced formula/balanced constitution is important}

Lastly Reishi, a favourite Mushroom kin especially for Heart + Spirit + emotional support, impacting the Heart and Spleen meridians. Calming. Soothing anxiety. Potentially reducing allergies & inflammation. Acting as an overall longevity tonic, supporting healthy aging, as well as Blood tonic, nourishing and building Blood. Reishi also may be neuro-regenerative, meaning, they may help protect and boost our cognitive (brain, memory) health and overall act as a restorative to the central nervous system.

It was SO yummy! 

I wanted to find a way to share it with you all, and this formula came to be! Strawberry Moon. With Strawberry, Rose, Shatavari, Reishi, Rosehips & Vanilla. The perfect Summer drink, I love mixing with Coconut Milk and water for a yummy Strawberry mylk. However I tried just a little added to my coffee & it was surprisingly good. Can be worked with warm or iced. I can’t wait to also try it in pancakes, and other baked goods! Mix with yogurt for an adaptogenic + medicinal mushroom + strawberry treat ~ freeze to make popsicles!

Strawberry Moon comes unsweetened. The Rosehips & Strawberries are sweet, of course with that touch of tartness. I left it unsweetened so that you can sweeten with your fave sweetener, as well as add to baked goods & other foods. There is a small hint of bitterness with the Shatavari & Reishi. I wanted to keep those two Medicines at a high enough ratio to be medicinal as well. Offering adaptogenic & immune support through the late Spring & Summer months!

How to work with Strawberry Moon: For a yummy Strawberry Moon mylk add 1.5-2tsp of Strawberry Moon to 1 cup milk of choice, keeping in mind that what type of milk you use will impact the overall flavour. I have found that the pure, thick, coconut milk from a tetra pack or can mixed with some water is my favourite ~ experiment with what works for you! Mix with a whisk, or blend for a more frothy & smooth texture. Can be enjoyed warm, or cold!

Can also be added to all sorts of foods, baked goods, treats! I want to try a Strawberry milkshake with Fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Moon + Ice cream + Maple syrup :) Or add to a bit of Yogurt + Water + Sweetener of choice, then freeze for yummy popsicles. There are so many ways to work with this one. I’m excited to see & hear about what you create!

Ingredients: Strawberry, Rose, Shatavari, Rosehips, Reishi, Vanilla

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