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Sun Child Facial Mist {Chamomile, Neroli & Sandalwood}

Sun Child Facial Mist {Chamomile, Neroli & Sandalwood}

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Sun Child is a beautiful hydrating, calming & soothing facial mist. A blend of Neroli {Orange blossoms}, Roman Chamomile & Sandalwood hydrosols. The smell is, gorgeous. Uplifting yet also bringing a sense of calm + peace. 

Chamomile has been coming up so strongly this year, bringing playful + joyful energy, reminding us to tend to our inner child with care. They are a soothing and calming Medicine, both energetically and physically. They may soothe redness, heat, and inflammation as well as support healing + repair of the skin. Chamomile are also astringent, meaning they may help to tighten skin. Potentially minimizing the look of pores.

Associated with the Sun, Chamomile calls on those feelings of renewal, hope & creative inspiration.

Neroli, ah the scent of Orange blossoms is enchanting. The fragrance feels so calming, especially to the Heart space, yet also uplifting. Soothing an agitated or chaotic state. I find them to help boost mood when feeling a bit grey, or blah. Moving stuck & stagnant energies from the body + energy fields.

Topically Neroli hydrosol may help to reduce redness, moisten, and restore radiance to the skin. May help promote cellular regeneration, as well as gently decongest + detoxify the skin. I find Neroli hydrosol to also soften and just bring a brightness.

Sandalwood is added to bring some depth to this blend. Soothing redness and irritation, they are also hydrating. May also help to soothe and heal dry, inflamed skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

When working with hydrosols we are not only working with their physical impact on the skin, but also the aromatic and energetic impacts. Sun Child evokes that child like wonder, play, joy, and may help to reduce feelings of stress + anxiety in the moment, bringing us back to ourselves, back to the present moment. Soothing hypersensitivity, or anxious states, and enveloping us in beauty.

I love working with Sun Child after a day spent by the Water, on the Land, and soaking up the Sun. Bringing that soothing, calming, cooling energy to the skin & reducing inflammation + protecting from free radical damage.

Chamomile may also be supportive for soothing itchy skin, so spraying on insect bites or on mildly irritated + red + itchy skin to soothe, heal and bring relief.

WORK WITH SUN CHILD: May be worked with as a facial & body toner before moisturizer, or oils. May be sprayed on the face anytime during the day to hydrate, calm & uplift. Can also be worked with as an after Sun spray, potentially reducing heat & inflammation. Spray over makeup, or on bare skin. May also be added to the bath, or foot bath. *Use within 3 months. Store in cool place, away from direct light.


Hydrosols of Roman Chamomile {Chamaemelum nobile}, Neroli and Sandalwood

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