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Tamarack {Larch} + White Pine Salve

Tamarack {Larch} + White Pine Salve

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M a s h k i i g w a a t i g / K i m í l a {Tamarack} + Z h i n g w a a k {White Pine} Salve 

A healing salve that first called to be made in the liminal space between late Winter & early Spring. It is a very special salve & I haven't been able to make it for a few years. This year I received an abundance of Tamarack and was able to make this beautiful Medicine again. This balm is physically very healing & supportive; though, the emotional healing aspect is also important here.

Infused with White Pine Resin & Needles as well, this blend helps to offer healing to old wounds, emotional pain & trauma we’ve endured. Helping to ease grief, and wrap us in a protective blanket while we heal. Tamarack is sometimes known as a ‘World Tree,’ meaning they act as a conduit between ‘Stars’ & ‘Earth,’ or Spiritual & Physical. They help us to receive wisdom & knowledge that is both grounded in reality, in this plane, as well as transcendent beyond the Humsn experience alone. Offering deep healing to all parts of ourselves, our Spirit, as well as Earthly body.

White Pine was gathered by myself & my little one, with the Water & Ancient Stone ones along the 'Canadian' Shield. I also added some Coastal Douglas Fir resin this year, gathered with care along the Salish Sea.

Physically this salve may be supportive for nerve pain {neuralgias}, muscle aches, joint pain, inflammation, bruises, minor scrapes, and scratches. It is anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory helps to move energy in the body. May be worked with to pull out splinters, or on insect bites/stings to sooth/draw out any toxins.

Work with Tamarack + White Pine Salve: Massage onto sore muscles, joints, scrapes, bites, etc. as needed for soothing, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial medicine. For grief support or sadness, it may be massaged over the Heart or if possible, on the back over the Lungs & ‘back of Heart’ space. I love this ritual before going to bed, gently massaging over the Heart & soles of the Feet for protection & emotional healing, giving gratitude before sleep. Also may be worked with for healing skin inflammation/rashes {eczema, psoriasis, etc}, and for any nerve related pains {sciatica, shingles, carpal tunnel}

Ingredients: Tamarack bark + needles, White Pine bark + needles + resin, Coastal Douglas Fir resin, Organic Olive Oil, Bear grease

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