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Tamsháashu {Wild Rose} Flower Essence

Tamsháashu {Wild Rose} Flower Essence

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Wild Rose is Heart Medicine in purest form.
This essence was made during Ceremony in the
Xálish Medicine garden. Drumming, Singing & Love are
infused into this beautiful Essence.

This Wild Rose bush was
gifted to me by an Elder when I was a new Mama, and this bush
bloomed for the first time when my little one was 2.
A special & dear Plant ally for us all.

Wild Rose flower essence
embodies Compassion, Love, Joy, and Heart expansion
while at the same time standing firm in boundaries. For
the person who has a hardened heart,
or has recently been through heartache of any kind. Lovely for those
who often feel the weight of the World, and find themselves
in cycles with grief over current systems/events, environmental
damage, injustice, and sadness in the World.

Also helpful for anyone who has trouble keeping an
open heart while also keeping their boundaries in tact. Over extending & giving, without also being open to receive. Never saying no.
Never taking time for themselves.
Always giving compassion & understanding
to others, but neglecting their own needs. This can lead to resentment,
which may follow with ‘walls’ placed around
the heart and auric field in order to protect one’s heart & energy.
Wild Rose allows one to hold compassion
& love while also honouring one’s own truth & boundaries.

Wild Rose has been worked with since Ancient times,
embodying the Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene,
the Dark Mother ... and all of their various forms. Wild Rose evokes
the feminine {beyond societal gender constructs} in all of their forms.


3-7 drops under the tongue, or in water - as needed for calling on your Maternal Ancestors, Divine Feminine, Love, and Heart holding of any kind

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