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Tilíwal {Blood Building + Nutritive} Elixir

Tilíwal {Blood Building + Nutritive} Elixir

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Tilíwal is a nourishing combination of blood building & Qi tonifying Medicines. It is an adaptation on a Blood Building Elixir I have been making for postpartum kin for the last 7 years ~ this Spring I’ve been hearing the call to share a version more widely. This formula in particular is close to what I make for myself most Moon times, usually days 2-14/15. But if I am feeling particularly deficient, I might drink this during my whole cycle.

Nourishing our Blood. Our life force. Vitality. Strengthening those blood memories as well as physically nourishing our bodies. 

Our Blood is vitality ~ it carries oxygen to our tissues, to our cells (one aspect of blood). Without proper blood flow, we can feel tired, foggy thinking, insomnia, anxiety, and overall a bit ‘floaty.’ Physically it may manifest with hair falling out, skin changes, dryness, and that lack of ‘glow.’ To me it just feels like a lack of vitality, or that ‘zest.’

There are many ways our blood may become deficient. After childbirth, wether full term or an early birth (loss, miscarriage, abortion) we may need some extra blood building. After heavy moon times (bleeding) we may need some support. Or just due to stress, eating while working/distracted, convenience type foods, imbalanced foods for our constitution, burnout, etc.

Overall this formula is pretty balanced, though they are potent Medicines & it does tend toward Yin building. I’ve added some Plant kin like Angelica to help move the Blood, to help move stagnation + stuck energy. They are one of my favourite Plant kin for navigating liminal spaces, when we feel ‘empty’ or deficient. During times of navigating the void.

Cinnamon & Clove are added for some warmth for the womb/pelvic energy space, as well as improve circulation. Cardamom is just so delicious, and helps lift our Spirits.

I also added another favourite Spirit lifting relative, ziziphus, or jujube seed. They are a Traditional Chinese Medicine for helping Shen imbalances, Spirit. Calling our Spirit back into our Bodies, with Joy. Getting our ‘mojo back.’ (Yes, cheesey, I know but that’s how it feels sometimes ;))

The base of this formula is Red Dates, Rehmannia, Wolfberry (Goji) & Yellowdock. All potent Blood building Medicines. Prepared Rehmannia is a deep almost black Medicine that is very Yin building. They may also help build Kidney Yin. I added Yellowdock to bring in a bit of that bitterness & Liver support too. Again, ensuring that the Liver is functioning properly to help that Blood move ~ to release any heat (though, this isn’t a big formula for releasing heat, again, it’s pretty balanced ~ more, gently releasing heat through ensuring the smooth flow of energy in the body). 

Freshly harvested Nettle was added as they just kept calling to be included :) They are also building, a nutritive Plant kin (many minerals + vitamins) & help tonfiy tissues.

White Peony Root is a sweet Ancestral lineage healer, as well Blood building. Also helpful for focus, and supporting clarity of the mind + spirit. Helping to promote smooth flow of energy. Astragalus is added as one of my favourite immune supportive, Qi tonics. There are some studies that have shown their ability to increase platelets & white blood cells.

Held together with nourishing, blood building & mineralizing Molasses & Birch Syrup. Rooting & strengthening our sacral + root energy centers.

Overall I hope this Medicine offers some deep nourishment, support & remembering you are worthy of receiving, being cared for, being fully fed + nurtured. I find sometimes our Blood can become deficient due to sometimes not taking time to care for ourselves (zero judgement here, Fam, life gets busy & sometimes it is hard to prioritize ourselves when we have other responsibilities too ~ we need *community* care!)

May our Blood be full of Life, vitality. May we remember the gifts & Medicine held in our Blood, our Lineages.

Work with Tilíwal Blood Building Elixir: *Refrigerate on arrival. 1tsp/1-2x day. You can drink directly from the spoon. I like to add to a bit of warm Water, or even make a latte with it with some warm milk/mylk & a bit extra warming spices to taste. You can add some Coconut oil or Ghee, and blend for a frothy taste & some extra nourishment. For this I usually would add 2tsp of the Blood building elixir to 12oz milk.

Ingredients: Red Dates, Wolfberry (Goji), Yellowdock, Nettle, Rehmannia, Angelica sinensis, Astragalus, White Peony Root, Nori {Seaweed} Ziziphus, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Clove, Organic Molasses, Birch Syrup, Pink Salt, Spring Water

4oz bottle

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