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Vision + Sprit; Dreamtime + Protection Medicine {Mugwort & Catnip Tincture}

Vision + Sprit; Dreamtime + Protection Medicine {Mugwort & Catnip Tincture}

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This gorgeous emerald tincture is a Magickal combination of two potent Dream + Vision bringing Plant Medicines, Mugwort & Catnip.

This potent duo helps with deepening and connecting with our Dream time. So that we not only remember our dreams more clearly, but also to access that wisdom + teachings + inner knowing that may come through our dreams. Connecting us with our cosmic consciousness, guides, star beings & Spirit.

Mugwort is ruled by Artemis, a diety of the Moon - and holds those mysteries in their Medicine. They help us to journey within ourselves to receive teachings & guidance on our Path. They also help with dream recall, vividness + clarity of dreams, and invoking Meditative states. Mugwort is also a strong protector, calling in boundaries to your physical & spiritual selves.

Catnip is a very relaxing Plant friend, they help us to feel calm & relax our nervous system. They pair so well with Mugwort as they help us deepen into those reflective & dream like states. They also have a shimmery silver tone, like Mugwort, reminding us of the reflection of Light of Grandmother Moon. Lovely for all folks, and especially those with a lot of Leo in their charts.

Physically they may help support gut health, digestion, reducing bloating and gentle liver detoxification support. They may also be worked with to help ease moon time cramping, or cramping from gas/digestive upset. Helping to move stuck or stagnant energies, I love working with Mugwort as well to help bring on delayed menses or if there is a lot of stagnation.

May also help reduce anxiety & invite feelings of calm, focused, clear energy.

Beautiful for use before ritual, Ceremony or before Bed. Set your intention for your Dream time before you sleep - ask questions you may have, ask for guidance, etc. Hold the Medicine to your Heart as you set your intention. Speak your intentions, prayers, asks, gratitudes aloud. Keep a journal by your bed to write down any Dreams or Visions that come to you. Infused with Moonstone gem essence.

I love working with this blend before an evening bath, allowing myself to journey while being held by the Waters and these Medicines - usually during a New Moon or Full Moon time.

{{NOT to be worked with during Pregnancy or Nursing}}


These beautiful friends are potent, try 10-15 drops in water and note how you feel. You can work your way up to 30 drops if you like. Usually worked with during times where a calm, relaxed, visionary state is desired. I suggest working with them in waves - 3-5 days at a time, then rest. Noting any shifts, visions, or powerful dreams you have during this time


Catnip, Mugwort, Grain Free Alcohol, Spring Water, Moonstone gem essence, Magick - Small batch, Organic, Wild Crafted and/or Home Grown by Me :)

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