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Wild Flowers Ritual Healing Bath

Wild Flowers Ritual Healing Bath

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Wildflowers Ritual Bath - Releasing. Healing. Clearing. Softening.

{Includes Muslin pouch for herbal bath ritual}

Wildflowers Ritual Bath was created to help support us during times of grief, healing, transitions & releasing. Holding the Magic + warmth of Flowers blooming with life - reminding us of the Beauty we hold within, and that surrounds us. Balancing the energy centers, especially the Heart & Solar Plexus. Reminding us of joy, while helping clear any energies that don't belong to us. Moving any stagnant or stuck energies held within our bodies & spirit.

Wildflowers is a blend of flowers grown in the Medicine Garden & lovingly harvested wildflowers. Mixed with Tree Bark & Bud Medicine of Birch, Cedar & Cottonwood. Evoking grounding & rooting energy of Tree kin. They combine to create a healing bath for moving through transitions, calling in joy + abundance, while clearing any obstacles {including those we have learned, those that have been imposed on us, and patterns we hold} in our path.

Deeply protective, offering boundaries as well as healing and releasing of tension, held energy patterns that no longer serve our highest good & transmuting any lingering heavy energies into joy + creativity + love.

Wildflowers may also be worked with as a Sitz bath for Postpartum healing {which includes miscarriage or abortion healing; offering support for any grief & physical tension that also may arise} as well as a Sitz bath for general vaginal & uterine health and healing.

Calendula, Bee Balm, Rose, Cornflower & Cedar combine to conjur the Rainbow spectrum of light, enveloping you in a warming bath to move stagnation, offer a balm to the Spirit and heal tissues.

Cedar offers purification & protection, while the flowers support lymphatic flow, calm the nervous system, reduce irritability & soothe the Heart.

Cottonwood & Meadowsweet oils sooth sore muscles while also aiding in Spirit communication, protection, and Heart medicine ~ helping us remember our connection to all that is.

Hypericum & Rose oil offering protection and strong boundaries; easing the nervous system while also calming the Heart. Reminding us of the joy we have access to, the joy we may find again. Hypercium (St. John's Wort) is also supportive for helping us transmute grief, saddness & low mood.

Draw a warm bath, giving gratitude to the Spirit of Nibi, Chúush {Water} for giving us Life, for holding us - offering prayers of healing to the Waters and all of the beings who rely on these Waters. Remembering we come from Water & all of our Ancestors were also born of these Waters. Add a handful of Wildflowers to your bath, holding whatever highest intentions are in your Heart. Or, just asking Spirit to offer comfort & healing.

Lovely as a Ritual bath for releasing, clearing as well as healing, lifting mood & surrounding yourself in protection (or really, anytime you wish to bathe among Flowers + Trees & re-connect with the medicine within you). Perfect for cold Winter months as the Flowers + Trees hold that Solar energy & reminders that Spring always returns.

Also may be supportive for colds + flus as many of the Plants may help reduce fever, inflammation, soothe sore muscles and increase lymphatic flow which helps our immune system function optimally.

INGREDIENTS: Pink Himalayan Salt, Grey French Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Cedar, Calendula, Bee Balm, Rose, Corn Flower, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, Birch Bark, Cottonwood Bud infused oil, Hypericum infused oil, Rose infused oil, Love, Blessings, Grief transmutation & Protection Magic

RITUAL BATH: Add a loose 1/4 cup to a large pot of just boiled water; cover & steep for 15 minutes. Strain & add to your bath before you enter. Alternatively you may add the entire infusion to your bath ~ just ensure that you strain out the Plants as you drain otherwise they may clog the drain. Included in your purchase is a muslin cloth bag which is reusable, fill with just under a 1/4cup and add to boiling water per directions above. Let steep & add to bath <3 Wash, save & reuse the muslin bag.

6oz reusable glass jar

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