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Womb Wisdom {All Gender} Herbal Infusion

Womb Wisdom {All Gender} Herbal Infusion

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Energetic Womb Wisdom tea is an intuitive blend for both the physical womb or uterus, as well as the energetic womb, or creative center, that all carry. Easing menstrual cramps, emotional support around moon time & connection to intuitive + creative states of being.

An intuitive blend of Motherwort, Mugwort, Rose, Catnip, Blue Vervain, White Vervain, and Lady's Mantle. Crafted to support smooth flow of energy, moving any stuck or stagnant energies held in the womb space, healing. A calming blend that brings a sense of peace, comfort, soothing and love. Catnip, Blue & White Vervain offer calming & soothing to our nervous system. Working in harmony to help reveal our authentic & aligned selves, our true Nature and most authentic way of being. While working with Vervain in particular I have dreamt of flow states of dancing, moving my body in rhythm and harmony with Creation (something in waking life is not a strong suit, dancing ;).

Mugwort is Plant kin closely connected with the Moon, our psyche, and intuition. They are wisdom keepers. They may help us to connect to our intuition, visioning & dreaming new ways forward. Helping us to remember the importance of play, creation, growth, expansion & rest.

Lady's Mantle has a special affinity to the uterus/womb. They may help to tonfiy and tone the tissues, which may help ease menstrual cramps and laxity or heaviness in the tissues. They may offer some support for excess bleeding or heavy moon time as well. Anti-inflammatory. They also may actually bring on delayed menses, similarly to Mugwort. Interesting to note their ability to both bring on menses, as well as support heavy/excessive bleeding. I have also heard of Lady's Mantle being worked with for fertility, though beyond the tonifying effects I have not worked with them this way ~ they may offer support.

Womb Wisdom is lovely for folks with moon time discomforts such as heavy menstrual cycles, short menstrual cycles, cramping, emotional support (anxiety, irritability, mild depression), endometriosis, fibroids, etc. {of course, also speaking to your practitioners, your intuition & medicine helpers to ensure other aspects are also being healed}. A special blend for folks who are feeling called to connect to their inner most selves & psyche, those looking to dream a new way into being, and anyone who might just need some love in the form of Plant Medicine. Motherwort + Rose + Catnip are the ultimate loving trio, bringing a sense of connection and nurturing to anyone who welcomes them in. Also bringing healing to our maternal lineages, Ancestors, and Mother wounds ~ feeling the Love & Embrace of our original Mama Earth.

This blend is also highly related to the Lioness energy, so Leo loves, take note


1 tsp per 1 cup boiling water, cover and let steep for 5-10 min. Add raw honey to sweeten, or enjoy this tea's bitter properties as is.


For use 3-4x a week. Not for use during pregnancy or nursing. Lovely for an evening ritual to connect with yourself, and enhance your dreamtime awareness.

*In Compostable Packaging ~ these are not plastic bags*

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