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Wormwood {Visioning + Pain} Relief Salve

Wormwood {Visioning + Pain} Relief Salve

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Wormwood {Artemisia absinthium} Salve

A gorgeous, magickal green healing salve made from fresh Wormwood, in ritual, for a vibrant visioning & powerful protection medicine. Also supportive for physical tension, pain, and bringing ease to the body.

Wormwood is a beautiful ally for clearing energies, protecting & *discerning* aligned paths, people, relationships, choices, actions, etc. They help us to see which situations/people/paths are not what they seem, allowing us to deepen into our intuition and trust the clarity we are gifted. Offering protection. They are lovely for guiding us through meditative states & visioning, I also love them before bed to enhance dreamtime + dream recall while protecting our energy as we travel. Very calming, yet elevating. May also be supportive in aiding communication with Spirit, Plants, other realms, our innermost selves.

Physically Wormwood may offer support for osteoarthritis pains, inflammation, and swelling that causes soreness & achey-ness. They have topical analgesic {pain relieving} properties, as well as some anti-microbial activity. Lovely for sore muscles & joints. May also massage over the abdomen/energetic womb space for moon time cramping or digestive upset {not to be worked with during pregnancy over the abdomen}, and protection.

Work with Wormwood Salve: Apply as needed to areas of pain/tension. For sore, inflamed muscles & joints. For energetic protection, apply to areas that may be feeling vulnerable. May be worked with in Ritual for visioning, protection, energy clearing, dreamwork & astral travel. I love working with them over my womb/lower energy centres especially during moontime for ease of cramps + protection. As well as on painful joints.

Ingredients: Fresh harvested Wormwood, Organic cold pressed olive oil, organic beeswax

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